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Park Avenue bridge replacement project. Detour signs will be posted.
Date Posted
159 days ago
Trail Closed North and South of University Avenue
Date Posted
323 days ago
Shaulis Road Trail closed between Hess Road and Highway 218
Date Posted
323 days ago
Bridge construction at 11th Street, trails closed both sides of river under the bridge
Date Posted
36 days ago
Bridges out between University Avenue and Fletcher Parkway.
Date Posted
323 days ago
Paved Trail

218 Trail

1.3 mi
15 min
Route Type
Trail Details
Type: Urban Trail
State: Iowa
Counties: Black Hawk
Category: Urban

218 Trail

The 218 Trail segment is an urban trail connecting to three major trails in the Cedar Valley Trails system. This trail connects to the South Riverside Trail (two locations east and west), Sergeant Road Trail to the west and Cedar Valley Lakes Trail to the east. The connection to the Cedar Valley Lakes Trail will take you to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail to the southeast.

218 Trail

Waterloo, Iowa - Downtown

There are two trailheads

  • Commercial Avenue and Mullan Avenue.
  • Park Ave and Washington St.

Wesfield Ave. and Jefferson St. (Sergeant Road Trail) and 18th St. and Black Hawk St. (Riverview Recreation Area Trail)

The Trail provides access to downtown Waterloo, Grout Museums, 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center, Young Arena, John Deere Musuem/Westfield Avenue Site, and Cattle Congress.

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Connecting Trails

18th Street – Waterloo

18th Street Trail is a short trail connecting the Cedar Valley Lakes Trail, Riverview Recreation Trail, and the 218 Trail.

Park Avenue Bike Lane

This bike lane connects the east and west sides of the outdoor entertainment area in Downtown Waterloo.

Sergeant Road Trail

This beautiful trail parallels US 63, also known as Sergeant Road, for about 8 miles, from Waterloo to Hudson.

Cedar Valley Lakes Trail

The trail runs from Black Hawk Park in northern Cedar Falls, through Waterloo, all the way to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.


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