Cedar Valley Trails Partnership

Snow Trails

Snow Trails

Usable and Fun During the Winter

As a community, we’ve invested in grooming equipment to keep many sections of our trails usable and fun during the winter. The most popular winter trail activities include fat-tire biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

Cedar Valley Association of Soft Trails (CVAST) grooms soft trails throughout George Wyth State Park and Hartman Reserve in January. The CVAST Facebook page provides maps of groomed trails and a variety of events on soft trails during the winter season.

The Cedar Valley Nordic Skiing Facebook Page posts the conditions of the groomed ski trails and has information about getting free ski lessons. Anyone interested in signing up for ski lessons can do so by sending an email to xc.ski.wloo.cf@gmail.com. You’ll need to provide Cedar Valley Nordic Skiing with the level of lessons needed and whether you want classic or skating technique.

Winter Rental Equipment

Winter Trails Information

The Cedar Falls Tourism & Visitors Bureau has some great information on Winter Trails throughout the Cedar Valley.

Snow Trails

Fat-Tire Biking

Our paved and soft trails are popular destinations for area fat-tire bikers. Fat-tire biking in the winter is a great way to stay in shape in the off season and see some of our unique trails. Fat-tire bikes should stay off the trails in warm winter weather. Riding on wet snow can make deep ruts in the trail that ruin the trails for other winter trail activities. 

Snow Trails

Snow Shoeing

Our paved and soft trails are popular destinations for area snowshoers. Snowshoeing is best when the temperature is below 25°F, so that the snow isn’t wet. There’s no official start date for snowshoes to be used on the trails, but keep in mind that contacting concrete with your snowshoes may damage the teeth.

Snow Trails

Cross Country Skiing

George Wyth State Park, Katoski Park, Byrnes Park and Gate Park trails are groomed to support both classical skiing and skate skiing. We’re proud that the trails are groomed by Cedar Valley Association of Soft Trails and the Waterloo Leisure Services using a special snowmobile provided by the Cedar Valley Trails Partnership.

Winter Trail


If you sink in deeper than 1 inch on groomed trails, please move to the side.

Paved Bike Trail

classic ski track
fat bikes

at least 3.8" wide tires

snowshoe & foot

Single Track Trails

groomed​ / non-groomed

flotation devices & foot traffic
TRAILS ARE MULTI-DIRECTIONAL: Be aware of oncoming trail users.
Do not use the trail if you leave tracks deeper than 1 inch.
You shoud be floating on the surface of the trail.

These trails manage and maintained with a group effort by Iowa DNR, Black Hawk County Conservation, and CVAST, your local volunteer crew.


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