Cedar Valley Trails Partnership

Cedar Valley Trails

Cedar River Water Trail

Cedar River water trail is a journey of 47 miles through a number of unique habitats and the downtown of 2 major Iowa cities.

George Wyth State Park

You will find many off road trails throughout George Wyth State Park. These trails are suitable for all skill levels.

Hartman Reserve

Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a 308.9-acre nature reserve located in Cedar Falls, Iowa with many soft trails.

Katoski Greenbelt Soft Trails

The soft trails consist of about 10.5 miles for hiking, biking, and winter activities depending on the season.

Hickory Hills Park

Hickory Hills Park consists of 723 acres including Casey’s Paha State Preserve located in La Porte City, Iowa.

Ingawanis Woodland Trails

The Ingawanis Woodland Trails area has a lot to offer the mountain bike enthusiasts in the area.

Big Woods Trail

The Big Woods Trail takes you to (and loops around) the Big Woods Lake Recreational area.

Cedar Prairie Trail

The trail runs through suburban areas as well as the Katoski Greenbelt and Robinson Bird Sanctuary.

Cedar Valley Lakes Trail

The trail runs from Black Hawk Park in northern Cedar Falls, through Waterloo, all the way to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.


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