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The Cedar Valley Lakes Trail along Gateway Park and the Cedar River will be closed starting September 11, 2023 for up to one year for the construction of the Cedar River Recreational Project. Follow detour signs to bypass this area.
Date Posted
280 days ago
Park Avenue bridge replacement project. Detour signs will be posted.
Date Posted
720 days ago
Shaulis Road Trail is closed at Hess Road/La Porte road intersection.
Date Posted
885 days ago
Bridge construction at 11th Street, trails closed both sides of river under the bridge
Date Posted
598 days ago
Water Trail

Cedar River Water Trail

47 mi
9 hr
Route Type
Trail Details
Type: Water
State: Iowa
Counties: Bremer, Black Hawk
Category: Greenway

Cedar River Water Trail

Cedar River Water Trail starts at Janesville 183 and journeys all the way down to Winegar Park in Mt Auburn. A number of boat ramps, shelters, campgrounds and restrooms are located along the Cedar River Water Trail. 

There are notable hazards to be aware of along the Cedar River Water Trail. Two dams, one each in the downtown areas of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, and the portages around them, require the paddlers’ attention. Follow the signage on the river and on shore that direct trail users to the portages and safe passage.

There are also two wing dams – which, unlike a conventional dam, extend only partway into the river: one immediately downstream of the Park Avenue Dam in Waterloo, and one approximately 2.4 miles upstream near Sans Souci Island.

The wing dam near Sans Souci Island should be avoided altogether. The dam creates narrow rapids that collects debris, and while it may not create the dangerous recirculating currents of a low-head dam, the unpredictable currents and trapped woody debris can be quite hazardous. River users can bypass this dam easily by keeping left and paddling or tubing around the other side of Sans Souci Island. 

Cedar River water trail is located in Bremer, Blackhawk and Benton county. 

Each of the access points along the Cedar River water trail exist within Bremer, Blackhawk and Benton.

  • Janesville 183 in Janesville, IA
  • Washington Union in Waverly, IA
  • Black Hawk Park in Cedar Falls, IA
  • Island Park in Cedar Falls, IA
  • Tourist Park in Cedar Falls, IA
  • Gateway Park in Cedar Falls, IA
  • Washington Park in Cedar Falls, IA
  • George Wyth State Park in Waterloo, IA
  • Sherwood Park in Waterloo, IA.
  • Cedar Bend in Waterloo, IA.
  • Waterloo Boat House in Waterloo, IA.
  • Riverview Recreation Area in Waterloo, IA.
  • Deerwood Park in Evansdale, IA.
  • Gilbertville Park in Gilbertville, IA. 
  • Cedar River Natural Resource Area in Gilbertville, IA.
  • Cedar River Access in La Porte City, IA.
  • McFarland Park in La Porte City, IA.
  • Winegar Park in Mt Auburn, IA

The Cedar River water trail has a huge variety of outdoor recreation opportunities both in the water and next to the shore. Activities on the water include boating, fishing, bird watching, swimming, and wildlife viewing.  Activities near the shore line include hiking, camping, picnicking, playgrounds, frisbee golf, breweries, and restaurants.

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