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Mud Creek Bridge Replacement & Box Culvert Repairs
Date Posted
72 days ago
Park Avenue bridge replacement project. Detour signs will be posted.
Date Posted
271 days ago
Trail Closed North and South of University Avenue
Date Posted
435 days ago
Shaulis Road Trail closed between Hess Road and Highway 218
Date Posted
435 days ago
Bridge construction at 11th Street, trails closed both sides of river under the bridge
Date Posted
148 days ago
Paved Trail

University Avenue Trail

5 mi
30 min
Route Type
Trail Details
Type: Urban Trail
State: Iowa
Counties: Black Hawk
Category: Urban

University Avenue Trail

The University Avenue Trail is an important part of the Cedar Valley Trails System, connecting the western portion of Cedar Falls with Downtown Waterloo. The wide sidewalk/bike path runs along the entire length of the newly reconstructed University Avenue, from Sergeant Road in Waterloo to Main Street in Cedar Falls. There are lots of roundabouts to negotiate, and many stoplights along the way, but it provides a direct urban corridor between the two cities. The trail crosses the Cedar Prairie Trail, Greenhill Trail, and Sergeant Road Trail, so connecting to the rest of the Cedar Valley Trails System is easy.

University Avenue Trail

The trail runs along the side of University Avenue between Sergeant Road in Waterloo and Main Street in Cedar Falls.

Cedar Falls and Waterloo business districts including restaurants, shops, bars, grocery stores, and College Square Mall.

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Connecting Trails

Sergeant Road Trail

This beautiful trail parallels US 63, also known as Sergeant Road, for about 8 miles, from Waterloo to Hudson.

Greenhill Trail

Part of the Cedar Valley Trails Network, the trail runs through open country and residential areas along Greenhill Rd.

Cedar Prairie Trail

The trail runs through suburban areas as well as the Katoski Greenbelt and Robinson Bird Sanctuary.


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