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The Cedar Valley Lakes Trail along Gateway Park and the Cedar River will be closed starting September 11, 2023 for up to one year for the construction of the Cedar River Recreational Project. Follow detour signs to bypass this area.
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253 days ago
Park Avenue bridge replacement project. Detour signs will be posted.
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693 days ago
Shaulis Road Trail is closed at Hess Road/La Porte road intersection.
Date Posted
858 days ago
Bridge construction at 11th Street, trails closed both sides of river under the bridge
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571 days ago
Paved Trail

Waverly Rail Trail

8 mi
48 Min
Rail Trail
Route Type
Trail Details
Type: Paved Path
State: Iowa
Cities: Waverly, Denver, Readlyn
Counties: Bremer
Category: Rail Trail

Waverly Rail Trail

The Waverly Rail Trail starts at the Cedar River Bridge in downtown Waverly (1st St. NW, between 5th and 6th Avenues). The 10 foot wide asphalt trail proceeds southeast for about 7 miles over eight bridges and under two roads and terminates at US Highway 63. At that point, the Denver-Jefferson Trail takes you into Denver about 2 miles south, and the Readlyn-Grump Trail takes you to Readlyn about 6 miles east. Both of these trails are part of the larger Rolling Prairie Trail System.

The mostly rural Waverly Rail Trail has a wide variety of flora and fauna. Benches and picnic tables are available at key locations and there are primitive restroom facilities at the 2 and 6 mile mark along the trail. Scenery changes for every season. Several restaurants and shops in downtown Waverly are conveniently close by.

The trail offers a pleasant, small town-meets-rural experience as it travels for 7.6 miles from downtown Waverly to its eastern endpoint north of Denver. It is also part of the Rolling Prairie Trail system which, when complete, will travel through nine communities and three counties.

Beginning in Waverly at the western endpoint, you may want to take a detour about eight blocks south to explore the Bremer County Historical Society Museum, located on West Bremer Avenue and Fourth Street. Here, you’ll also find a variety of small businesses, shops, restaurants, and bars.

The best place to park is at the small lot on the northern end of Kohlmann Park at the intersection of Fourth Avenue Northwest and First Street Northwest. Here you will find picnic areas, restrooms, water fountains, and a structure that doubles as an art venue and amphitheater.

The trail begins approximately two blocks north and one block west (outside the gates of a Nestle factory) and heads southeast, crossing over the Cedar River to East Bremer Avenue, the town's main street, and the downtown area. Here, you will find more restaurants, including a sandwich shop inside an old train station, shops, lodging, and a refurbished movie theater with an old-style neon sign displayed overhead.

About a mile into your route, you’ll pass several large, painted concrete planters. Leaving town, the trail becomes more wooded, with trees covering a majority of the remainder of your route and providing welcome shade in the summer months. Park benches are located throughout the trail for periodic rest stops to stretch your legs.

The trail ends at US 63/Larrabee Avenue. From here you can continue on the Rolling Prairie Trail system by heading south on the Denver-Jefferson Trail for about 2 miles to Denver or continue straight on the Readlyn Grump Trail, just east of the US 63 underpass, 6 miles farther east to Readlyn.

If you want to extend you trip to the west, you can ride the paved shoulder on SR 3, and connect with the western spur of the Rolling Prairie Trail just outside of Shell Rock. You can pick up that trail on County Road T63 (a short distance north of Hwy 3...look for the trail sign on the left). T63 is also referred to on some maps as "N. Public Road."

Waverly Rail Trail

  • Waverly, Iowa
  • Denver, Iowa
  • Readlyn, Iowa

Parking near the western trailhead in Waverly is available at the north end of Kohlmann Park at Fourth Ave. NW and First St. NW (about two blocks south and one block east of the trailhead). To reach the park from US 218, take Exit 203 for SR 3 toward Waverly/Shell Rock, and head east on SR 3. Go 2.6 miles, and turn right onto W. Bremer Ave. After 1.2 miles, turn left onto First St. NW. Go about a quarter mile, and turn right onto Fourth Ave. NW. Look for parking on the right. To reach the trailhead, head west on Fourth Ave. NW for one block, and then turn right onto Second St. NW. The trail begins about two blocks north, just past Sixth Ave. NW.

Another small parking lot is located several blocks southeast on the north side of Second Ave. NE between Second St. NE and Cedar Lane NE.

To reach parking near the eastern trailhead, from State Route 3, head south for 1 mile on Killdeer Ave. (about a mile west of State Route 63). Look for a small parking area on your right just after passing the Waverly Trail. The trail's eastern endpoint is located just under 1 mile east at Larrabee Ave., where it connects with the eastern portion of the Rolling Prairie Trail System (and on into Denver or Readlyn).

Parking/Trail Heads are also available in Denver and in Readlyn.

Beginning in Waverly at the west trailhead, you may want to take a detour about eight blocks south to explore the Bremer County Historical Society Museum, located on West Bremer Avenue and Fourth Street. Here, you’ll also find a variety of small businesses, shops, restaurants, and bars. Wartburg College is close by. Or, turn south on to 1st Street to follow the bike trail to Brookwood Park and loop around the park.

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